Top 10 Mistakes while baking Cookies

Top 10 Mistakes while Baking Cookies
Mistakes while Baking Cookies

Do you want to make better cookies? Before you bake another batch of cookies, have a look at these typical cookie baking mistakes.

1) Not using the right Sugar

Sugar is a necessary component of the cookie. However, we occasionally get confused and use ordinary Sugar in the cookies. As a result, the texture of the cookies changed. Always use the Sugar specified in your recipe. Read the blog to learn more about your sugar types.

2) Baking Powder and Baking Soda

Most of us use expired baking powder or baking soda. We assume it is simply a powder or soda; it will not impact your cookies; nonetheless, check the expiry date. Because baking powder and soda are necessary for raising the cookie, the texture is also affected by the quality of baking powder and soda used.

Tip: If baking soda or powder expires, do not throw it; it can be reused for cleaning.

3) Using wrong Butter

Always use room temperature butter. Remember that some cookies require salted butter while others require unsalted butter. Chilled butter is needed for flaky buttermilk cookies. If you want crispy cookies, use Marvo instead of butter, or half butter and half Marvo. Never use margarine in your cookies. Margarine works best for baking bread.

4) Leaving out or swapping out your ingredients

Suppose you want to eat a healthy cookie but use wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour. When you use wheat flour in your recipe, the cookies will be denser, deeper in colour, and have a distinct texture. Using Maida in your recipe gives your cookies a light density; they will, of course, taste different. Remember that you only need the ingredient your recipe calls for.

Tip:  Wheat cookies take much longer than all-purpose flour (Maida) cookies.

5) Measuring Mistakes

For cookie recipes, you need to measure dry ingredients differently than liquid ones. For a good reason, measuring cups and spoons for dry ingredients differs from measuring cups and spoons for liquid ingredients. Level the flour every time you scoop it up.

6) Uneven baking

When the cookie dough is ready, we are excited to relish it. As a result, we add 2 or more trays to your oven/OTG, resulting in an underbaked cookie. The centre rack is always the ideal position to bake your cookies. If you bake two trays simultaneously, the lower rack cookie will burn while the upper rack cookie will be underbaked.

Tip: Place one tray at a time in the OTG’s middle rack.

7) Perfect round cookies

We occasionally get an uneven cookie shape. Don’t be concerned. As soon as your cookies come out of the oven, shape them with a large circular cutter. Use a cookie cutter to make it round if it’s too spread out or misshapen.

8) You’re not allowing your cookies enough room to expand

Cookies will spread as they bake, so leave enough space between them on the baking sheet. If your cookies are overcrowded, they will slightly underbake.

9) Freezing Cookie Dough in a Big Lump

You can freeze the cookie dough to enjoy it later. However, because the cookie dough is too stiff to scoop out, you have to wait longer to defrost it before baking. Instead, scoop the cookie dough and place it on a baking sheet before freezing it. Then store your shaped cookie balls in a freezer bag, and when you’re ready to bake them, place as many as you like on a baking sheet.

10) Not freezing your cookie dough

After shaping the cookie, place it in the refrigerator or freezer for 30 minutes. Freezing your cookie batter permits the butter to settle and the cookie to bake properly. The butter melts, and the cookie flattens when you don’t freeze your cookie dough. But keep in mind that not all of the cookies must be stored in the fridge during baking.

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